1979 _ b. Truro, Cornwall. UK.  

1980 _ Begins developing pictures in his mind.

1982 _ Creative, enthusiastic, funny, socially inappropriate individual takes shape.

1983 _ Culture shock. Relocate to Birmingham, UK. First contact w/ homeless human beings [ rename them the box people ]. Miss sea, sand & country air. 

1985 _ Encouragement from teachers aged 5 years reaffirms idea that talent in art & writing is manifesting itself rightly.

1986 _ Brief spell pursuing various team sports; football, hockey, cricket & tennis; collect a few medals. 

1988 _ Learn to play chess. Pinnacle moment. 

1989 _ Stumble upon the magical art of skateboarding.

1995 _ Permanent exclusion from Secondary School ‘allegedly’ for supplying a class B drug. Stress causes hair to go curly.

1996 _ 3 years extensively studying Art & Design whilst also harnessing raconteur dictation. 

1997 _ Entreprenuerial spirit unfazed, sideline realised pedalling mens designer label knock offs.

1999 _ Accepted onto BA Industrial Design degree course at BIAD University. Too much maths not enough creativity. Drop out within a year.

2000 _ Head down, hard work and steely eyed determination eventually lands contracts w/ Converse & Santa Cruz skateboards.

Travels to the USA _ Los Angeles, San Francisco & Arizona.

Enlightening character building three month adventure.

2001 _ Returns, re-enrolls at BIAD University this time to study for BA in Visual Communication.

2004 _ Successfully graduates w/ First-Class Honours.

2005-06 _ Wins Channel 4’s Creative Class GOLD award for creativity.

2006  _ Decade of freelancing ensues for a plethora of clientele big & small.

Alongside the guidance of American Representation. 

Work published in numerous notable heavyweight creative publications.

Further accolades bestowed by reputable creative organisations.

2012 _ Focuses energy on making art for solely non-commercial purposes.

Results in absolute soul rebirth.

Exhibits works at the MMK Frankfurt _ Museum fur Moderne Kunst.

Artwork acquired by the MIK Ludwigsburg Museum, Germany for their public collection.

2016 _ Re-imagines commercial practice under studio _ PEPL0W.

2019 _ Continues playing, working, shining & growing.

Skateboarding moulds outlook on life, underpinning choices made, company kept, fundamentally every challenge set & taken on. 

Gratitude ... land _ sea _ sky _ sun _ moon _ eternal.

© studio _ PEPL0W